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Featuring meditation, breathwork, yoga, and fitness (cardio and strength training workouts).

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  • Connect: Gentle Breathwork with Amber

    Connect is Skyterra's breathwork class, offered twice a day here at the retreat. Breathwork has mental and physical health benefits; it increases your sense of well-being and regulates your stress response. Whether you're beginning our 7 Day Start program or you're looking for an introductory bre...

  • Lean: No Equipment! Air Squats & Planks

    Short on time? Have no equipment? Never fear (and no excuses) because Jeff put together this LEAN workout just for you! In only ten minutes, you'll start with a warm-up, rock out a few intervals of squats and planks, and wrap things up with a quick cooldown stretch.

  • Topic: Nutrition Philosophy

    In this video, registered dietitian Lindsay Ford gives a helpful overview of the principles that we follow in our nutrition philosophy. We prioritize nutrient density, mind-body awareness, individualization, and balance.

  • Mudra Meditation: Radiant Brahma Mudra

    This mudra meditation directs breath, awareness, and energy into the solar plexus (the center of personal power). This mudra can help cultivate a sense of direction, willpower, and self-esteem to help you move toward your goals more easily. This meditation includes a visualization element, making...

  • Connect: Energizing Breathwork

    Breathe consciously and connect! This pranayama practice blends a number of energizing breathing techniques (Breath of Fire, Kapalabhati Breath) that invigorate you and help support digestive activity. There is also some light movement to help open and balance the solar plexus region.

  • Recipe: Avocado Toast

    Tasty toast in two minutes! Avocado toast is on the menu almost every morning at Skyterra. Here's how to make it at home. In this video, Michael uses about 1/4 of an avocado per piece of toasted sprouted wheat bread. It's topped with chiffonaded basil leaves and sliced Roma tomatoes. What's your ...

  • Meditation: Mindfulness with the Body

    Join Kate for this calming, clarity-inducing meditation. Cultivate mindfulness by naming and noting physical sensations. Performing this type of body scan helps promote a sense of presence and awareness from within, helping you to become more comfortable in your own body and perhaps even experien...

  • Breathwork: Square Breathing Technique

    The term "breathwork" refers to any technique that harnesses the breath to bring on a state of physical and mental relaxation. There are many variations, and this technique – called square breathing – is one of the most basic types. Follow along with Kate to learn how.

  • Lean: Renegade Row, Squat, Plank

    Are you ready to get lean? Follow this spicy routine of renegade rows, squats, and planks. You'll need a pair of dumbbells and an optional box to check your form on the squats.

  • Elevate: 15-Minute Cardio

    Jeff leads a challenging but fun interval workout: six rounds of 30 seconds of total work, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Get that heart rate up and remember to breathe!

  • Air Yoga: Introductory Heart-Opening Practice

    Open your heart fully to living! Air Yoga is a Skyterra signature gentle practice focuses on the muscular network of the spine, back, and core.

    You'll open your fourth chakra – the heart – by compassionately addressing everything that connects to it. When the heart chakra (the Anahata) is out...

  • Targeted Yoga: Hips

    Your hips and pelvis are a powerhouse. This area houses a complex system of bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, and fascia. These play a pivotal role in all physical activity, and many people (including exercise professionals) aren’t really aware of how much is going on in this one area. Follow along...

  • Topic: Skyterra Philosophy

  • Earth Yoga: Gentle Hip Opening Sequence

    Amber's Earth Yoga practices are grounding, centering, and help you feel more connected to your body, your breath, and your intrinsic self. This edition features a gentle sequence of hip and lower body openers. Apart from a yoga mat, you may use the following optional props: yoga block, strap, an...

  • Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana Breath

    Also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing, Nadi Shodhana is a calming and balance-promoting breathwork technique. It equalizes the left and right sides of the mind and body.

  • Breathwork: Conscious Breathing

    In this video, Kate shows how conscious breathing can soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, and ground your senses. It's a great go-to technique anytime you need to manage your stress response and be the best version of yourself.

  • Fly Fishing: Intro to Casting

    Did you get a chance to try fly fishing while you were at Skyterra? Recreation Director Ellwood has a way of making people feel at home in the stream. In this introductory video, brush up on the basics of casting. Whether you're returning to Skyterra or you're embarking on a fly fishing adventure...

  • EMOM: Kettlebell Swings & Goblet Lunges

    This 10-minute EMOM workout pairs Russian kettlebell swings with goblet kettlebell lunges. All you need is a kettlebell weighted according to your ability. Jeff will lead you through the mechanics of each movement first, then power you through the workout! This is an effective strength training s...