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Meditation: Self-Esteem

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Meditation: Mindfulness with the Body

Mindful Meditation – 8m 26s

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  • Meditation: Self-Esteem

    Feeling down on yourself? Don't beat yourself up ... build yourself up. This meditation brings you to the center of your own energetic space so you can generate self-love from within.

  • Topic: Why Meditate?

    What are the benefits of meditation? What's the goal of the practice? Kate addresses frequently asked questions and recommended approaches for beginners. We hope this encourages you to commit to a practice. Anyone can meditate, anywhere and at any time.

  • Meditation: Labeling Thoughts

    It's incredibly common and completely natural to have thoughts running through your mind, even when you try to meditate. This is natural! Don't be too hard on yourself or think that meditation is not for you. When your mind wanders, Kate explains a technique for noting where it goes and gently br...