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Pranayama: Bhramari Breath (Bee Breath)

Pranayama: Yoga Breathwork – 4m 54s

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  • Pranayama: Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing)

    Calm yourself with even breathing and gentle inward focus. This simple breathing technique helps you overcome overwhelm and connect with yourself as you wind down. Take a seat, arrive inward, and invite balance by inhaling and exhaling in equal measures.

  • Pranayama: Breath of Joy

    Combine breathing and light movement to rise above negative thoughts and energies! Try this invigorating technique as part of a morning ritual or anytime you want to cultivate more joy and gratitude. You'll immediately begin to feel more energy and vitality moving through the body.

  • Pranayama: Bhastrika Breath (Bellows ...

    The bellows breath technique is a valuable tool for promoting a sense of release. Use it to help dissolve constricting feelings of stress, depression, anger or lethargy.