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Pranayama: Kapalabhati Breath

Pranayama: Yoga Breathwork – 6m 51s

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  • Pranayama: Bhramari Breath (Bee Breath)

    Breathwork for a better kind of buzz! Softly close your eyes and ears and hum away mental chatter. Amber shows you how to perform “Bee’s Breath,” an ideal technique for those struggling with insomnia and thyroid problems, or anyone who wants to soften the hold of stress in an invigorating way.

  • Pranayama: Sama Vritti (Equal Breathing)

    Calm yourself with even breathing and gentle inward focus. This simple breathing technique helps you overcome overwhelm and connect with yourself as you wind down. Take a seat, arrive inward, and invite balance by inhaling and exhaling in equal measures.

  • Pranayama: Breath of Joy

    Combine breathing and light movement to rise above negative thoughts and energies! Try this invigorating technique as part of a morning ritual or anytime you want to cultivate more joy and gratitude. You'll immediately begin to feel more energy and vitality moving through the body.