Skyterra Connect

Skyterra Connect

Connect with your breath, mind, body, and spirit through Skyterra's signature breathwork classes. Use them to start off your morning, relax into sleep, or anytime you need to promote clarity, focus, and a sense of calm.

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Skyterra Connect
  • Connect: Energizing Breathwork

    Breathe consciously and connect! This pranayama practice blends a number of energizing breathing techniques (Breath of Fire, Kapalabhati Breath) that invigorate you and help support digestive activity. There is also some light movement to help open and balance the solar plexus region.

  • Connect: Grow Good Energy – Lower Body Release

    You are enough! Join Kate for a Connect routine that starts with awareness, positivity, and mindful breathing. Then, you'll move into a lower body stretching sequence, an active and pleasant way to honor your physical body.

    For this practice, you will need a comfortable place to lay down and a...

  • Connect: Body Scan

    Relax, get comfortable, connect to the breath, and calm the nervous system by exploring your awareness of your physical body. Show your mind and body some love – allow yourself to settle completely into the skin you're in.

  • Connect: Fill Your Cup

    Join Kate for a meditative breathwork practice that cultivates gratitude, relaxation, and sense of alertness, so you are ready to receive all that life has to offer.

    Come into the moment, forget your to-do list, and use nasal breathing and gentle movement to invigorate yourself and release te...

  • Connect: Anywhere

    When you're on the go – traveling, working, staying at a friend's or family members – it's easy to feel disconnected, distracted, isolated, or on your own. Build a nourishing sense of presence and intention with this short meditative breathwork practice.

  • Connect: Grounding Breath & Movement

    Feeling pulled in too many directions? A grounding practice may be just what you need. Join Kate for the opportunity be right here, right now. Explore your awareness and anchor into the present moment so your best self can shine through.

  • Connect: Uplifting & Opening Morning Practice

    An uplifting breathwork routine with Jeff, perfect for starting the day. This sequence is also great for getting you in the zone before a bout of activity or a difficult task.

    Start with some feel-good upper body stretching as you mindfully inhale and exhale. Then, roll into cadence breathing,...

  • Connect: Proper Breathing Mechanics

    Breathe better and benefit! Believe it or not, the way you breathe can help strengthen your diaphragm and maximize your lung capacity. Jeff put together this practice to help you practice the three tenets of good breathing mechanics:
    1.) Breathe in and out for your nose.
    2.) "Breathe light to ...

  • Connect: Warming Up & Opening Up

    Join Jeff for a sequence that warms your body up! By combining cadence breathing and stretching, you'll open up your back, loosen up your hips, and get ready to conquer the day ahead of you.

    This edition of Connect is ideal for a morning practice, or for those transitional parts of your day wh...

  • Connect: Heart Meditation

    Let go of negative emotions like worry, anxiety, stress, and anger! In this edition of our Connect class, Kate leads a heart-based meditation to actively and consciously cultivate positive emotions.

    This practice combines mindful breathing, physical awareness, and visualization to help you cr...

  • Connect: Wim Hof Breathing

  • Connect: Soothing Pranayama Blend

    Combining a blend of pranayama yoga breathing and breathwork techniques, this Connect practice is truly transformational. Amber leads you through sama vritti (equal parts) breathing, box breathing, nadhi shodhana (alternate nostril) breathing, and gentle movement.

    Like all of our Connect prac...

  • Connect: Awareness of Body and Breath

    Bring attention to the body and dissolve tension through mindful breathing and gentle movement. Become aware of your body, breath, areas of tightness, and emotional agitation – then breathe it all away. This incredibly calming 20-minute practice is a lovely way to nurture yourself before bed, or ...

  • Connect: Gentle Breathwork with Amber

    Connect is Skyterra's breathwork class, offered twice a day here at the retreat. Breathwork has mental and physical health benefits; it increases your sense of well-being and regulates your stress response. Whether you're beginning our 7 Day Start program or you're looking for an introductory bre...