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Connect: Uplifting & Opening Morning Practice

Skyterra Connect – 10m

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    Breathe better and benefit! Believe it or not, the way you breathe can help strengthen your diaphragm and maximize your lung capacity. Jeff put together this practice to help you practice the three tenets of good breathing mechanics:
    1.) Breathe in and out for your nose.
    2.) "Breathe light to ...

  • Connect: Warming Up & Opening Up

    Join Jeff for a sequence that warms your body up! By combining cadence breathing and stretching, you'll open up your back, loosen up your hips, and get ready to conquer the day ahead of you.

    This edition of Connect is ideal for a morning practice, or for those transitional parts of your day wh...

  • Connect: Heart Meditation

    Let go of negative emotions like worry, anxiety, stress, and anger! In this edition of our Connect class, Kate leads a heart-based meditation to actively and consciously cultivate positive emotions.

    This practice combines mindful breathing, physical awareness, and visualization to help you cr...